Many know my story but you don’t know the real struggle

As the title suggests many know I fought cancer and it was terrible, i never really talked about it ever. A great friend of mine Simon also had the fight and after talking with him over dinner at my house i felt more compelled to do something, do more, be […]


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Things change and life evolves…

Today I officially start my transition with-in HP Enterprise to a new role! The last year and a few months has been an interesting ride both personally and professionally as a tech marketing professional. As the title suggests I am evolving into a new role. A role that is more […]

From the Desk of Blurt: Get the funk out….

I can’t describe it any better then a funk to write over the last few months. I have had several conversations and the desire to write something just hasn’t been there. But i enjoy writing so why have I not been doing so? I have at least four partial drafts […]

Desk of Blurt

ViPR SRM Explore Reports and Topology Maps

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert **Disclaimer: I am an EMC employee, this post was not sponsored or in any way required by my employer, it is my experience getting to know this particular product.** Up until now I went through a basic ViPR SRM installation, getting a basic single VM environment setup. […]

Yummy! – PowerCLI Cookbook Review by Phillip Sellers (@pbsellers)

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert The PowerCLI Cookbook by Phillip Sellers is an excellent resource for any skill level, whether you are a beginner or looking for a great reference to have with you. PowerCLI Cookbook by Phillip Sellers First and foremost, this book far exceeds what I expect out of a […]