Stop Skype for Business sending Messages to Drafts

I had an issue recently where I was getting an absurd amount of draft messages into my Outlook Client. The message was one that I already had sent to a co-worker over a week ago. I had already deleted over 400 messages from my drafts to this point. I tried […]

Skype Business keep adding draft messages


Top 3 things you realize transitioning from mentee to mentor

Life is full of different directions and as things come at you, you must adapt, do the same thing or stop doing things. I am the type of person that adapts to many different situations, professionally, personally, I just do. There are many times I get frustrated, lose my cool, […]

Being Always Connected, Bad for Your Health

The thought to be connected to a mobile device or electronic device is here, I do it, my kids do it, friends, strangers all do it. We are connected more ways today then ever and it’s bad for us. Ask yourself when is the last time you took time to […]

Group On phones


Many know my story but you don’t know the real struggle

As the title suggests many know I fought cancer and it was terrible, i never really talked about it ever. A great friend of mine Simon also had the fight and after talking with him over dinner at my house i felt more compelled to do something, do more, be […]

Things change and life evolves…

Today I officially start my transition with-in HP Enterprise to a new role! The last year and a few months has been an interesting ride both personally and professionally as a tech marketing professional. As the title suggests I am evolving into a new role. A role that is more […]

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