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Final blog post for the BRC2k11 

With this being the last post from the contest, I would like to take the time to thank the judges who have provided some great incite, and really given me a lot to think about with how and what I choose to write. I really liked how HP the entire time hasn’t been pushing us to pimp their products. I am definelty going to be writing more on some of the topics we discussed during the last three weeks.

I have been taken way out of my comfort zone in this contest and I LOVE that! The exposure to new things is great and inspires me to learn and share that knowledge with you all. HP Virtual Connect, ICM, Flex 10, Converged Systems, Converged Storage, is the tip of the ice berg on the “converged” possibilities. I look forward to where this journey brings us all. Taking from this experience, friendships were forged and a great self accomplishment that we embarked on a new venture.

Reality Part

Nerd’s Blurt

In the video I discussed briefly about what we saw during the webinar. I have provided some links that cover those topics in greater detail. The whole part of doing video is new and I will iron out the kinks once I figure out the way I would like to take it, until then I’m just having a blast!

Throughout this whole experience I have had the pleasure to interact with individuals I may not have had the chance too. A few weeks ago I was sitting and reflecting this opportunity when I started to chuckle to myself. You all are probably thinking I’m crazy but the last couple years has been a wild ride for me, and it has only gotten more crazy but I’m having a blast. I still recall a conversation I had with Stephen Foskett about me being late to the game and he said to me ” Luigi, this is the best time to get into technology. There is so much happening right now that is making technology fun again.” Stephen was so right!

The Fun

ALL of you who are reading and watching the final video!

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