Are Uber Users Good for a Community?

Use whatever word you want to describe them, uber, alpha, kina whatever.  What I am referring to is a person who becomes almost idolized in a community, and they start to believe and act like it.  Now there will always certainly be people in a community who are smarter, have more influence and thats fine as long as it doesn’t go to their heads.  There is a “community” that I have tried on several occasions to be part of, but the idolization of this one person just makes me close the tab and not want to go back.  Is this person smart? Yea they are but they have also let it go completely to their head.  He/she is so egotistical that they can never be wrong or even want to consider another point of view.  They hi-jack entire conversations, replying to every single post even if just to add their “stamp of approval” to the comment.  Sorry for the random rant, I just really dislike egotistically people who can never even bring themselves to listen to other perspectives.