Cannot Launch UCS KVM Cannot run program C:Program

First a huge thank you to everyone, if you are reading this or if you are someone who has never heard my name but participates in forums for whatever your passion.  Last week I was trying to access the virtual KVM for a UCS server, in typical Cisco/Java fashion is quite specific to a version of Java and if you dont have it, you will have problems.

The error is:  Cannot run program “C:Program”:  Create Process error=2, the system could not find the file specified.


Fortunately it was an easy “fix” workaround by simply launching the KVM from the main UCS login window versus trying to launch from inside UCS manager.  The workaround was found thanks to the Cisco Community forums, which I find myself constantly having open in addition to the VMware and EMC communities and TweetDeck.  The post, if you need to check on it, can be found here:

Go to your UCS Manager login page and click Launch KVM Manager