There is a lot of hype about “software defined storage/servers/datacenters” these days from a variety of vendors.   There have been a recent plethora of established and upstart storage vendors selling their own vision of solutions and it has really given me a headache looking at all the different options. So […]

Ready, Set, GA – Infinio Accelerator Available

Let’s get ready to Cache! This is a hot topic now a days. Caching is a great way to increase system performance and overall user experience. I have come to know the Infinio Team really well. Seeing them at various events and my peers talking about them. I am currently […]

Implementation Day

I’ve been meaning to write more on the topic of Data Protection, but I’ve been slammed with implementation of equipment we’ve purchased at my “day job”.    Its been several weeks of 12 hour days, but it has been fun.  We’re implementing a much overdue overhaul of our storage environments with […]

Review & Give-Away – TrainSignal Online Training 3

TrainSignal is a technology training company offering training from Microsoft to VMware. I have known about this company since I got into Virtualization back in 2010, they are very supportive of the community sponsoring many User Group initiatives. Back in 2011 I received a copy of some training from them […]