So you think you want a new home lab?

I have been debating upgrading the physical equipment in my home lab for some time now. Checking out different builds from Chris Wahls Lab Resource section, Chris has a great compilation of posts to get you started from various community members. Your number one question should be what is the […]


There is a lot of hype about “software defined storage/servers/datacenters” these days from a variety of vendors.   There have been a recent plethora of established and upstart storage vendors selling their own vision of solutions and it has really given me a headache looking at all the different options. So […]

VTUG Fall Forward

This Friday October 18th 2013, I will be attending the VTUG Fall forward at Gillette Stadium. This is the first time other then the normal Winter Warmer that the event is being held at this location. Every January they hold the event there, I am excited as not only a […]