Changing of the tides.. join us for the next wave

Over the years I have setup and let various projects come and go, my mind is always shifting, it’s a struggle really. Have I stretched my ideas to thin? Well I am changing the scene up again, however this will be a permanent change… is evolving to

What?!?!?!?! It’s ok, I have copied all of the content from here over there and it is going to be so much more. For me I always envisioned writing on multiple topics, I set up foodblurt, sportsblurt and a few others with the idea to write on these topics. The challenge was I set up a new website for each. Why? I didn’t want to cross streams or topics, but really that was the wrong approach for me. That is why I am starting my online magazine Blurt-This.

It is bitter sweet that I am transforming to something new and now that i’m at point to start publishing content over there this post is being written with a heavy heart. Now the domain is not going anywhere, when you type into your browser you will be brought to So do not be surprised when you do not see the NerdBlurt name, it is the same great content with lots more!

So head over and check it out! New content will be starting on Tuesday August 15th!