Dell Storage Forum 2012- Boston Day .5 1

It is the beginning of Dell Storage Forum, this year in the United States it is being held in Boston, MA. The conference is being held at The Westin Boston Waterfront hotel. This is the second year of Dell Storage Forum, it is a the evolution of Dell’s acquisition of Compellent event C-Drive.

Must see and do


This is such a great concept and Crystal Lowe does a super job trying to get us nerd’s to bring our significant others, it let’s them partake in a huge part of our lives. I am super pumped for this and I hope that Dell continues using them and that the attendees will spread the word.

Fluid Lounge

Being a very social person, the best part is always where people can just interact with people. That is where the best conversations are held, friendships formed. The Fluid Lounge is Dell’s social hangout space. Now I have to sayy it is set-up very sleek. The Bloggers Lounge is also located here.

With plenty of seating to sit and unwind between sessions, the Fluid Lounge also boasts some fun activities as well. From an old school arcade with Donkey Kong and Ms. Pacman, pinball machine, racing game, couple pool tables, ping pong table and a trivia game. Thirsty, need a small snack? They got you covered there as well, a cash bar and free soft drinks and munchies.

I almost forgot to mention the super addicting claw machine! Ask Roger Lund


Roger Lund gets the finger


It is great to hear about technology or how to do it, however nothing beats actually doing it! Dell has brought together a stellar lab set-up with plenty to try.

These interactive sessions allow you to experience Dell Storage technology firsthand, with Dell experts available to help navigate and answer questions. You can choose from interactive excercises across the entire Dell storage portfolio. Topics include:


¬†Nerd’s Blurt

This is my first dell conference and hopefully not my last. The atmosphere is pumping and the people are great. I have some more on the announcements and other happenings from the show.