Dell VRTX – Game Changer or Just Another Product #dellef 2

At the Dell Enterprise Forums (#dellef on Twitter), Dell announced a new product – the VRTX (pron Ver-Tex).  It is a 5U chassis that can stand as a tower or as a traditional rack mount unit, contains 4 blades, up to 48TB of storage and can run on 110V (important for many SMB’s and branch offices).  While quite impressive, it seems to be the next iteration of the C series chassis that were around for a few years without much fanfare.  Also, this is not a one of a kind product.  They are now in a market with the likes of Nutanix and SuperMicro (I want to put Simplivity in this list but not 100% sure its the same type of converged infrastructure product) who have made similar products for years and Nutanix may be one of the fast growing tech companies, if measure by nothing else just look at the talent they have hired over the last few months.  Price will determine how much traction the product gains; will it be priced such that only large enterprises can consider for the branch office needs (and how many branch offices need up to 4 blades) or will the SMB be able to leverage this product as well?

Here is an official link :


This is a very interesting product offering from Dell, time will tell as more details and pricing emerge – I know I will be keeping an eye on it.

  • Hans De Leenheer

    I do see this as a good product with a certain market positioning. This fits perfect for small local gov environments and indeed branch offices. Fits perfect in environments where they already are accustomed to buy there end-user computing stuff from Dell.

    Props to Dell: the 2 SFF slots in front of the blades are PCIe enabled for the special Micron disks. So you could easily run a decent Nexenta View cluster from this block.

    This is what HP should have done with the E5500 18 months ago. I still don’t get why that product has never been a ProLiant model. For this one I think DELL could have made a 2 blade model and a 4 blade model. It would still save 1U if you just need a simple failover cluster.

    Towards the converged architecture startups: I truly love these guys as they have pushed the market and still are way ahead of the short letter acronym vendors. There is however a very large market out there that will never buy from startups. This is where these DELL boxes fit perfectly. This not a scale-out architecture either btw. Don’t forget that Nutanix is waaaay more than just a hardware cluster.

  • Thanks for sharing about the Dell VRTX.

    While I don’t know the exact pricing, IT Pro published tentative preliminary pricing (in British Pounds) @

    Also, unlike the PowerEdge C series – VRTX places a big emphasis on remote management through the iDRAC and CMC.

    If you couldn’t tell already I work for Dell. More info on Dell VRTX (including upcoming videos and white papers) available at