Dellworld–Day 1 Arrival and Appreciation Party

Yesterday was day one for me here at Dellworld. The day started with an early trip to registration and meeting up with Roger Lund. After registration we had approximately three hours to burn before our first scheduled event. Now I have been fighting this cough for few days and decided to go on a hunt for cough drops. While checking the Java Jive located in the Hilton, Roger was asked if we wanted to go on a tour over at the Dell campus. We quickly responded yes. They were gracious enough to hold bus so that I may get my cough drops. Thanks!


We ended up touring the Solutions Center building and Dell’s modular data center. For me seeing the solution center was the best part as I have friends that work in the Dell Tech Center.


Here you will see they have some system racks installed in the meeting room.



HD audio and visual system and nice glass whiteboards as well.



Here is a bunch of system racks, they run multiple services and testing from here.


Here you can see Dell’s Modular Data Center. Official website

We were told it takes approximately six months for total completion setting up the Modular Data Center, with the site preparation being the longest part.

Now we did go inside and it was like a huge wind tunnel when the door was open. It felt nice but being a chilly day also cold.

I really appreciated the ability to take a tour of the facility and see some of the things that Dell was offering that I was unaware of.


Appreciation Party

The party was an interesting event, It was a combined outside inside event. For food they had Austin City food trucks lined up. I enjoyed this as I don’t normally eat from the food trucks. I did find some chicken and waffles though. yum.

They had a couple opening acts outside which were really good, but the real show was inside the Moody Theater. Here they had a great combination of music rock stars perform. They did quite a few cover songs and the variety was excellent. Some notable names were Dave Narravo, Fred Durst, Singer from Godsmack, Sugar Ray, Guitarist from Billy Idol. Forgive me as I’m not the greatest with musicians.

Please note all photos were taken with my mobile phone.


Crowd outside by the food trucks.


Hot Coco the secret to staying warm while outside.

Below will be some various photos of the inside concert










Nerd’s Blurt

My overall day was great. I really enjoyed the various artist and this is the best conference concert I have been to to date. I’m looking forward to seeing how Dell handles their event, as this is my first Dellworld.