Getting Started with Puppet via the Puppet Learning VM


If you are like me, and wanted to learn how to use Puppet, there is a VM which contains a full/pre-configured version of the Enterprise product, ready to use with the learning series they have put together at

You can download the pre-configured VM for your virtualization platform of choice here.  Once you import it, make sure it is connected to the appropriate network and simply boot the VM, the console will provide the URL and default username and password ( / learningpuppet – the root password is puppet) and  thats it, you are done (well except for learning how to use Puppet)!

For those who are unaware, Puppet is a cross platform automation tool – it works with both physical and virtual systems as well as Linux or Windows.  For those with small environments, or specific use cases, you can even use the Enterprise version for free on up to 10 nodes.  I will be spending a fair amount of time tonight in the learning documents they put together.  Thank you to the folks at Puppet Labs for putting this together.

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 2.02.13 PM


Getting Started with Puppet via the Puppet Learning VM