Hats off to Gestalt & sponsors 2

Many know that Gestalt IT is hosting a contest with a chance to go to VMworld 2010. They have 4 great sponsors Zetta, Veeam, xsigo, symantec .Thanks to them Gestalt is able to send 2 winners.

Now the bases of the contest is to Pay it forward. To give back for receiving such a great opportunity is a great idea. Now I submitted my entry and whether or not I win( fingers and toes crossed) I am going to still go ahead with my Pay it forward idea. I will release more details on that soon as my idea will need some help from all of you my friends and readers.

I just wanted to write a quick THANKS to Steve Foskett and the sponsors. I know whoever wins will hopefully make all of us proud and if I’m not one I will help any of the winners with their idea.

So Thanks for giving people the oppurtunity!!

  • Luigi,
    Good luck with the Gestalt contest, hopefully I’ll see you in SF.

  • Thanks Rod. It’s a great thing they are doing no matter who makes it.