How to enable a server port on the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect

Just in case you were wondering, these are the steps necessary to enable a port on a Fabric Interconnect when adding a new UCS chassis (or I guess a rackmount server as well).

  1. Log into Cisco UCS Manager
  2. Expand Fabric Internconnect A/B (Subordinate) >> Fixed Modules >> Ethernet Ports
  3. Click on the port you wish to enable and click Reconfigure
  4. Click Configure as server port, click yesconfigureasserverport
  5. You may receive an alert that the interface is down, followed by a recovery message.
  6. Click the Show Interface link
  7. Enter a label to identify the port on the chassis that is connected.
  8. Repeat for Fabric Interconnect A/B (Primary)

You should now see the port connected.