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So I am an ambitious person and I try to do as much by myself as I can. Themore you do not have to rely on others the better. Don’t get me wrong I love working with others and as part of a team. What I mean is I have a million ideas at any given point and a lot of energy. I average 4hrs of sleep a night.

My dilemma is I need some stuff coded and no budget to outsource my concepts. While I am aware of the added value in having something developed in matter of days or months over few months. For this particular project I am so eager to make it happen I am starting it myself. I am a n00b when it comes to programming but I can understand the code and how it works. This isn’t my 1st time with programming either, I hobby programmed some back in 2002 and had a class couple semesters ago. I made a lottery program to select powerball numbers (reasons I don’t care for slot machines). There are a million resources online and who knows where to start.

learn to program google


As you can see there are over 2 million results for term “learn to program”. Where do you start? What language do you learn? C+, C++, Scala, Java, the list goes on. I had to narrow it down and want something more then a WSWYG type (for record I would and have used one). So I follow Sir Richard Branson on twitter and had favorited one of his tweets

Branson Tweet Code.orgSo I actually stumbled upon this while looking for a different tweet I thought I favorited.

Think it was ment for me to stumble upon this at this exact moment when I am trying to find resources to program what I need.


Their main vision is to bring computer science to all schools and kids. It is backed by a lot of power house names in the industry and surprising some athletes. Even I forget that athletes are people and aren’t just into sports.

Our goals include:

  • Bringing Computer Science classes to every K-12 school in the United States, especially in urban and rural neighborhoods.
  • Demonstrating the successful use of online curriculum in public school classrooms
  • Changing policies in all 50 states to categorize C.S. as part of the math/science “core” curriculum
  • Harnessing the collective power of the tech community to celebrate and grow C.S. education worldwide, to change culture, especially among women and minorities

Coding, teach, learn

You have the option of a few different learning ventures here

I chose Code Academy

The main interface is pretty simple and straight forward.



You can see right off that it’s clean and simple. They suggest you start with web fundamentals. Which if you never programed it’s a great starting point as you can start to understand the concepts from web development (where I got my 1st look at coding).

I chose the PHP track as i want to make something in php and have some experience already with it.

The learning section is again straightforward and easy to understand.



Just go through the lessons and you will be coding in no time.

This is as far as I got as I wanted to share this with you all and help spread the word.

Nerd’s Blurt

I love, love, love this idea and website and the concept behind it. If you want to do something with your kids have them go here. I plan on doing this with my kids (know my son will love it). If you are a developer and want to give back contact them and say I want to help give back and help influence the future.