LifeHacking – Sticky plan to organizing your time better 1

This morning I had a great conversation with Matthew Brender and Jonathan Frappier during our monthly #NerdHerd.

Now we discuss a variety of topics and one thing I brought up was that  I really think I have ADHD (undiagnosed) and I am always working on multiple things. I needed to find a solution to focus better.

Let me give you an example-

  • I am currently reading two books, yes two.
  • Multiple documents need  to be  finished
  • Blog posts to write
  • Emails to write
  • House to clean
  • Dog to train
  • Coding to learn
  • World domination
  • etc etc etc

I do a lot throughout the day and just need to see what I accomplished and such. I need to hold myself accountable. Utilizing my time to the fullest is a personal goal for myself.

The Sticky plan

The plan is simple Matthew explained that he uses sticky notes in the following way.

On his white board he has Four columns –

  • Now – This is what is currently being working on
  • Soon – This is geared for the next stuff in line to do
  • Need to do – this is the list of stuff you need to get done, no limit on stickies here
  • Done – This is also labeled M-F and under each day you place the stickies from that day under respective day of the week.

Under each topic you place the stuff you need to do to get done. But there are 2 simple rules to follow.

  1. Under the Now section there can only be one task. And you can’t be working on something else until you are finished with that task. Once complete you place under the done task.
  2. The soon section can have no more then three stickies underneath it. One of them then gets placed in the Now area once task is completed.

Now you can change or add things at will if a random task comes up.

I do things on the go so I modified it slightly as I am not using the whiteboard but my desktop on my MAC. I have a Stickies application installed that allows for post it notes to be used. Now Windows can also do this same feature as it is installed there as well.

Stickies Organization


Here is my current set-up. I have modified it some since I am done writing down my stickies for today.

I do plan on using my whiteboard to do the stickies as well, as I do like to disconnect from the computer. But having them in two places will help me to stay on track and focused.

Nerd’s Blurt

The first thing is realizing you have a problem, then finding ways to cope with that problem. This is my attempt at identifying my problem and working on a resolution towards that. I am also playing around with the website Lumosity to keep my brain fresh with different things. You need to keep things sharp.

Now this is one step in dealing with disorganization that I find simple and am going to give it a whirl.

  • Matthew Brender

    As was pointed out on Twitter afterwards, this practice is known as Kanban and the book I’ve been reading is The Phoenix Project.

    Great write up Luigi!