Making my virtual connections real

Sunday was the big day, I was leaving for San Francisco for VMworld 2010! I was so excited I didn’t go to sleep Saturday.

Flight experience

My outbound flight was on Delta airline leaving from Logan at 550 in the morning. Going through security was a breeze and was suppose to go through the full body scan; however the guy in front of me was taking forever so I got waived on.

I was in shock to find out there was a $25 charge for my luggage! Seriously?!?! Now to many people that travel on the regular this is no surprise. The last time I flew was at least 7 years ago. (I know I know what do you mean 7 years!) I have 4 kids when we go places we usually drive.

I understand trying to make money in a business but I think it’s taking advantage to a degree as they know people need to bring clothes with them. To advert this people bring carry on bags; the flaw with that is some people bring two carry-ons making the storage crowded on the plane. I understand why travelers do this as and  had I known I would have too.  My flights went nice and smooth and ahead of time! So the trip started out good.

Let the Networking begin

I am big on Twitter many of you all know this, so when I get the chance to meet with people I engage with on there it’s a win!

It started at the airport meeting w/some to ride the BART (San Francisco’s train system). Met up with a few other’s for lunch at 21st Amendment Brewery.


This is a sponsored event and from what I here is getting bigger each year! WUPaas is a great idea as it allows to conference goers a chance to kind of wind down after traveling. The biggest thing for me was the ability to meet alot of great people.

Round up

While there are a ton of great session and content going on the best part of VMworld and me being here is making my virtual connections real. Oh and I’ll be able to attend all the sessions as they are available online after the conference. You will get information overload!!

While the journey to the cloud is great the connections made while on that journey is what will make or break it. You can find my stand point on “virtual friends” here.

How was your “Travel” day?