Many know my story but you don’t know the real struggle

As the title suggests many know I fought cancer and it was terrible, i never really talked about it ever. A great friend of mine Simon also had the fight and after talking with him over dinner at my house i felt more compelled to do something, do more, be more supportive in ways i can to others. Now I can’t donate to every cause as I am far from money rich, but I do have a great support system with my wife and kids, family and friends.

So what this post is about is doing just that and supporting my friend in a way that I LOVE and can help support. So Simon you got another gamer joining you this weekend!

You need to head over to Simons post – for all his details.

Also if you can donate please do by clicking this image down below.


Blurts gaming Details

I will be joining Simon in his Marathon this weekend to help raise awareness for something near and dear to both of us. I am asking that you donate if you can but more importantly I am asking if you could join in on Twitch and give words of encouragement and positive energy to Simon and myself. If you are a gamer maybe you can join us as well.

My hours will be 4am EST Sunday November 15th (or earlier) til 2am EST Monday November 16th

My Twitch is –

Games I will broadcast – Destiny, Call of Duty Blackops 3

Chat will be open during streaming as well as my Kinect video.

Please know that my beloved Patriots are playing Sunday as well and I will be watching the game as well and may curse or jump and scream from it. (think it will be more entertaining)

Nerd’s Blurt