My response to usb storage on the Xbox 360

It is a huge step for Microsoft to finally enable this feature. So it is a win for us gamers, or is it?

Let’s look at the current storage solutions for the 360, there are only few choices available all of which are from Microsoft & overpriced. (20 GB, 60 GB, 120 GB, 250 GB{think this is limited edition available only or in Japan})

What are the Alternative options? NONE!

Microsoft squashed that when they banned consoles and corrupted profiles on systems where people made their own hard drives, and also you can’t go on Xbox Live unless you are using Microsoft’s hard drive! I know they were focusing on Modded systems but hard drives were affected.

Today information was released on found documentation for an upcoming release enabling USB storage on Joystiq ( At 1st I was like sweet I can finally get a bigger hard drive and not pay out the A$$. Wrong my hopes were crushed by reading they are restricting it to 32 GB max! Yes it is a huge step forward but 32 GB?!?!?! Seriously Microsoft, needs to rethink this and the whole storage platform in a whole. The technology is there where you can have NAS (networked attached storage) or use of larger (ex 1TB) USB external hard drive.

Now I have been thinking of this for awhile and contacted 1 vendor to remain nameless w/some suggestions to break into this market. This company is big enough where they might be able to provide us gamers’ w/the right solution and bring Microsoft into the next level of gaming storage.

There are some challenges to this but very easily overcome, below is just a few.

  1. Get the product approved by Microsoft (this is the biggest challenge)
  2. Develop Xbox 360 software to integrate the NAS storage option (great feature would allow 1 game saved to play on multiple consoles w/in same household w/out having to dl onto each hard drive) {that is a personal favorite as I have multiple Xbox 360’s in my household.
  3. Market the product (but it will sell itself w/ minimum exposure)

I think it is great Microsoft has come this far but really why restrict the limit of storage to 32 GB? What are your thoughts, should Microsoft have restricted the storage capacity?