My take on the VMworld 2010 Bloggers Lounge 1

As a blogger it is nice when a Venue like VMworld has an area set-up for us. We love to talk shop if you will. Many venues are doing this for bloggers now as blogs are becoming more main stream VMworld 2010 did a great job and a bad job with this. I know you are all wondering what I mean and it’ll come just keep reading.

The Good
White board tables- It’s always nice to have the ability to sketch out a quick diagram while chatting on particular topics.
Wired connections– With a lot of people jumping on the Wi-Fi it’s nice to have the trusty ole wired Ethernet connection to keep your networking blazing fast.
Wi-Fi separate– There was a separate access point for press.
Bloggers– Great people with great content nuff said!
The Staff– John Troyer & Alexandrea (get last name)
Keynote location and tables– This was a great feature for us bloggers to be able to use the tables and it was in prime realestate.

The Bad
Location, location, location– Lounge was to far away from stuff. To much foot traffic. Yes it got a lot of exposure; but that is something that distracted the atmosphere.
To small of an area for the amount of bloggers– Not all of us shall be in there but if you see the list of contributors to the amount of space it doesn’t jive.
White board tables– Yes, I did mention that this was a positive; the negative was the size of the tables. If your laptop was on the table it would render the whiteboard useless, also very wobbly.
TV streaming area– Now the live interviews covered by Silicon Angle was good, however the amount of space it took up hindered the potential for the area.
Atmosphere– What we like as bloggers is a place where we can relax and unwind after the information overload of sessions & discussions, place where we can engage with fellow bloggers an to write.
Conference delegation tags – Now we did get some nice blogger pins; however there were separate conference delegation tags and not sure exactly how each was given.


Here are somethings  I feel would improve the bloggers experience at VMworld 2011.

Larger area– increase the size of the area

Privacy– Have an area staged where there is some kind of divide(half wall, wall) between lounge and surrounding area.

Forego social media– What? I’m saying limit it to just bloggers, it’s great to use twitter and other social media outlets but you want good writing and posts make us bloggers feel special. Besides almost all of us are in someway on the social media scene and the word will be spread.

Perks– The small perk of allowing bloggers/media into Keynotes early is huge. It allows us to get comfortable and prepared. By shuffling in w/main crowd throws the flow off slightly

White boards!- now the narrow tables are ok for doodling, but there were a few Larger whiteboards set-up that would have been great for the bloggers to use in discussions.

Refreshments– This is strictly a convenience perk, by not having to wander far for coffee or other light munchies it gives more time for discussion and writing.

Live video coverage– have it set-up slightly to the side of bloggers area if space accommodations allow or adjacent to the bloggers lounge.

Swag bags– What? Yea who doesn’t like descent swag right? Remember bloggers help spread the message and give valuable exposure to companies and their brand.

Round up

I understand that there are logistical challenges in all this Venue location, connectivity to mention a few. I enjoyed the lounge this year and hopefully will see next years lounge. Like many the feel and flow of the set-up this year was off and crowded at times.

Now also understand that I wrote this from strictly a bloggers perspective.

Bloggers what do you all think?

  • Anonymous


    You raise a good point in your Forgoing Social media bullet.

    I agree that when you setup podcasts or shows in the bloggers lounge it does two things:

    (a) Takes up a lot of real estate. The bloggers lounge is already small and to take up 1/3 of the lounge for podcast/show equipment isn’t fair to the bloggers.

    (b) The podcasts/shows that are in the bloggers lounge IGNORE the bloggers. If you aren’t an A-List blogger or a blogger with the shows “preferred” vendors then there is no added value for the show to be in the bloggers lounge.

    Hopefully, the shows in the future will recognize this and change things up a little.