NerdBlurt’s Take on the Xbox One – What are they thinking

Today Xbox announced it’s new Entertainment platform, no longer is it just focused on gaming. They try to immerse you in the entertainment experience all around. I was a little taken back from the announcements as a few key points weren’t clarified.

I did feel that the reveal wasn’t fluid. It was jumbled at times jumping from one thing to the next. I think if they looked at the flow of information and the order they presented the content, it might have made it better.

The reveal should have been display the new system, talk about the changes from the xbox 360, price point and release date. Sprinkle in a few demos showing the new enhancements then ending with entertainment stuff. They announced a Xbox live Halo TV series. Which that could have been done at E3.

In this post you will find my views on the new system and few questions I have regarding it.


Next generation entertainment system designed by Microsoft Corporation. Per their website.

microsoft xbox one


Xbox One is a state-of-the art gaming console, a new generation TV and movie system and a whole lot more.

This is all well in good, but question remains will it be the total package they claim?


  • Processor– 8 core AMD custom built processor with CPU & GPU built all in one
  • RAM or Memory– System boasts a huge upgrade from 512MB to 8GB of RAM.
  • HDMI passthrough – this allows for you to switch back and forth from TV to XboxOne without having to change the inputs.
  • Blue-Ray -Finally a Blue-Ray dvd player has been added!
  • Storage – 500GB internal harddrive
  • Networking – Wireless network connectivity
  • Redesigned Kinect – 1080p HD camera capturing 30 frames per second, with all-new active-infrared capabilities. Along with Time-of-flight technology, Microsoft proprietary technology that measures the time it takes  individual photons to rebound off you.
  • Updated wireless controller – The biggest enhancement is the slimmed down battery compartment along the back side of the remote.

Overall the specs aren’t to shabby for a console.

Questions / Concerns

Now I know some of these will come out in coming weeks and at E3 but they left a lingering taste with me. There have been numerous rumblings from the gaming community about some of the lack of questions actually answered. While the new system boasts better hardware as expected does it really meet the expectations of the gamers. After all they are the ones who made the Xbox so popular to begin with.

  • Power supply– Is it that same nasty bulky brick design or did they put it internally? Especially when trying to go sleek in your living room dealing with bulky power adapters sucks.
  • External Storage – Are you still limited to only 16GB on a thumb drive, Can I even connect a thumb drive to the Xbox One
  • Saving Games to Hard Drive – There are also many reports that all games get saved to the hard drive, now the 500GB hard drive will fill up faster and why make it this way? Performance? If that is the case they should have done a USB reader and make game manufacturers use Flash drives over DVD’s.  Why not just make all games downloadable?
  • Backwards Compatibility – This is huge for gaming industry and not sure why they wouldn’t ensure backwards compatibility. Now i would have to have multiple systems in my house? Kotaku reports  saying no backwards compatibility.
  • Cloud – What if I don’t have any internet connection, limited on storage.
  • Multi accounts – If I have to save games to the hard drive can multiple accounts access that same game? I’m not going to buy 4 copies of a game to do this or access rights. We all know the games are going to be around $60 then add more money if i have to pay rights for others to play game i bought. I’d rather not buy anything at all.
  • Multiple Systems – What happens when someone like me who has 3-4 Xboxes in the house? I can only play a game on one console? Or if I take game to my family members house.
  • TV Service – I know Verizon has an app where you can watch certain channels if you have a Fios account, but what about other companies like Direct TV, Dish Network, Cable networks? This a chance for them to become their own provider where you can get Xbox TV and Microsoft is your TV provider.
  • Hard Drive – Is the hard drive an SSD drive? Why only 500 GB, why not make it 2TB knowing you want people to use it for more entertainment purposes. This way you can include DVR functions and record shows for playback.

Nerd’s Blurt

I am overall excited on the announcement but still have a lot of questions. Mainly behind the scenes questions and design aspects. I do plan on reaching out to some Xbox team members to see if they would be willing to answer my questions and talk about the Xbox One and Xbox Live upgrades.

One of the coolest features I think is under the hood with the 3 operating systems operating at once (chance for future post), then hooked into the cloud service. This is a huge chance for Microsoft to show the world on a large scale it’s Azure capabilities  in action on such a large scale. That is cause for another post however. I do wish from a gaming stand point they would have showcased that more so like you all, we will have to wait until E3 to see what other announcements they are planning around the Xbox One.