New chapters for all 7

The leaves are changing, and from the looks of my twitter stream the last couple of weeks so are people and where they are working.  So before I get on a ramble I would like to wish Vanessa Alvarez, Dave Graham, Thomas Jones, Kendrick Coleman, Tommy (StorageTexan) who are all starting new chapters a GOOD Luck!

As many know I am currently going to school for my Computer Science Degree to make myself more marketable in the field I want to be in (Data storage/Virtualization) now I have acheieved some certifications and am working on others (EMC ISM, VMware VCP, Network +) all which I want by 30th of December, Now if it happens great if not then I’ll extend it into next year. But what are certifications without experience? Nothing!

Now I have submitted my resume all over the place and it has been a trying time with staying home all day doing nothing but whatever I wanted to but like the others all good things must come to an end.

I am excited about my next chapter and new role for a place where I’ve seen a bunch of their commercials and never really thought much more about it.  I’m not going to EMC, Acadia, Netapp, Dell, HP,  Cisco, Cirtas( uhhmm Dave) yet! Maybe someday I’ll venture back into that space which I love! For now I’m going to be working at Universial Technical Institute.

What intrigued me

I had the pleasure of interviewing there and the interview was only suppose to be about an hour and a half with me talking to 4 different people. I was there for 4 hours! OK, we all know once you get me talking I tend to enjoy it and continue.  It was a nice atmosphere, being that they are a technical college for gear heads. Being that my 1st job was pumping gas which turned to tire repairs/oil changes to mechanic, then being a mechanic in the Military was nice for me. I can relate on some degree with the people I will be helping the most.

Versitility- The IT shop there while most of my work shall be Desktop related I get to where many different hats!! Huge plus for me! I’ll get to play with some of the Virtualization stuff, Server stuff, phone system stuff. With some nice projects coming down the pike I’ll get some nice networking experience with switches/routers.

It may not be exactly what I was looking for but it turned out to be a nice place to get my feet wet and some real world experience! I’m looking forward to this chance and who knows where I could end up from here…

  • Sounds great Luigi! You should get some great hands-on experience there. Enjoy it!

    • Yes sir! just need to get to EMC & VMworld still!!

  • Luigi, congrats on the new gig. Good Luck with it.

  • Congratulations!!! I wish you the very best >

  • Fred Nix


  • Enjoy your new position, I actually interviewed with UTI this year but wasn’t ready to make the jump to the private sector just yet. Good luck, have fun.

    -Greg (

  • Congrats! My first IT job was at the college I attended. It was a great experience, first working in the computer labs, then moving on to campus computing and working with the faculty and staff. I learned a lot of technical stuff, but mostly I learned that I enjoyed helping people. You’ll do great!