Outside the Box contest

Thomas Jones from over at Niketown588.com is hosting a really sweet idea! In his latest blog post C’mon Down! You are the next contestant, Thomas talks about his idea of having 8 Bloggers compete in a reality online tv contest where they are not just typing up a blog but also having to do a vLog (Video Blog) on some virtual classes they have to watch. From there they will be judged by the TBA  judges. The winner is announced at VMworld 2K11 in Vegas.

Did I mention that HP is a big sponsor and I can say from knowing how open to non-traditional concepts and supporting the Blogger community.

Nerd’s Blurt

This is a great idea and for the record I did enter and have my fingers crossed on being selected for this great opportunity. The part I really like is being brought out of one’s normal comfort zone and trying something new. Regardless if I make it I will support all that do and look forward to more things to come.