People are just people! 1

I’ve noticed that people have come to expect people to like this or that or because of company affiliations. Has the mainstream idea of a person’s thoughts are their own disappeared? Yes, circumstances in life may make us try and promote an agenda or certain company more. But could this just because of how we truly feel? I’m trying to break into a very competitive but great market- Data Storage. Now there are some very smart individuals in this industry. They can be cut throat at times as they each are trying to stick to their teams. I also observe within these same gentleman a commonality and great knowledge. But the biggest thing is the respect each has for the other. When I first witnessed the “FUD” slinging I thought the Netapp guys were childish and starting a war with the EMC guys. But after watching these two groups EMC & Netapp banter back and forth on the social media front I saw that there are far more good times and great conversations then the “FUD” slinging.

I use EMC & Netapp only as an example as they are two major forces in the industry I am choosing to get into.  But take into contention that this doesn’t just happen in the Data Storage world w/Netapp & EMC it’s in all industries. The truth is every company has great things, good things and the WTF were we thinking things. That’s how people, companies and societies grow.

Media impacts us all

I’ve stopped watching the news at night as it was to negative. Where was the coverage on the local Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts doing something good? Not there! It was the police are searching the area for a man groping women. So for years I didn’t watch at all. I happened to stay tuned with the news during the NBA Finals. The Los Angeles Lakers were playing the Boston Celtics. The news showed New England Patriot Tom Brady laughing and having a grand ole time with the Lakers Kobe Bryant.


The local fans and sports talk stations had a field day on this. Fans from Boston expected Tom Brady to be rooting for the Celtics. Last time I checked Tom Brady is from the West Coast so why the big fuss? I personally am a diehard New York Yankee fan, I respect the Red Sox players for their ability but I root for them to loose!!

Nature of the beast

I was in the military so I can understand the EMC & Netapp pride wars as I look at the Army vs. Navy each thinking they are the best. I respect all service members but will always have a deeper connection and affinity towards the Army Corps of Engineers!! But ask any member if when the going gets tough and the other needs help you can guarantee without question that the colors are set aside and fellow soldier is standing next to you. This will not be the case in corporate America and that’s ok.  People always ask if my dog will bite and I say probably not but she is a dog you never know.

Fuel to the fire

I’m in no way saying that either EMC or Netapp is better each has it pro’s n cons. Both companies are very passionate and competitive which is great. I have many great conversations with EMC people and a great conversation with a Netapp person.  Hopefully many more to come with others. I love this industry as a whole and someday may work for a vendor but remember people are just people!

  • Phil Wiffen

    Great post Luigi, and a subject close to my heart as a consumer of vendor goods 🙂

    As a techie, the FUD turns me off a vendor (I wrote about this a long time ago:
    What I often forget though, is that the FUD is spread by marketing – not engineers – and marketing play by different rules than techies and engineers.
    Nowadays I try to take everything marketing say with a pinch of salt, and prefer to speak with people who actually *use* the product before making decisions.