PHD Virtual Cloud Hook- Reviewed 2

I was asked to review PHD Virtual Backup with Cloud Hook 6.2. This is their current major release for their Backup and Recovery Product.

Some of the the features I tested were the Install, Backup and Recover functions. I did this all with a Google Cloud account and backed up directly to my Google Cloud.



Installation was a breeze. There are two required files to install PHD Virtual Backup 6.2

  • PHDVirtualBackup_Client_Install.exe
  • PHDVBA.ovf

PHD Virtual Cloud Hook



It doesn’t matter which way you install the files. The Client install.exe needs to be running on a windows machine.

I started with the install by performing the following steps.

Installing the Management Console

  • Ran¬†PHDVirtualBackup_Client_Install.exe¬†
    • Kept all defaults
    • Must be on a windows machine
    • Can not be running vSphere client or will give you an error.

Installing the VBA

  • Deployed OVF in vSphere
    • File> Deploy OVF Template
    • Then selected through the wizard
  • Machines were then ready to from there after about 10 minutes on my host.


The install process was pretty quick and painless. I had it up and running in about 14 minutes total including the management console.



Cloud Hook

PHD Virtual Cloud Hook


This new feature allows users to back-up directly to the cloud. No need to backup to your local storage and then to a cloud storage provider. I think this is a very useful feature to have.

Currently there are four cloud providers you can hook into fairly simple.

  • Amazon s3
  • Google cloud storage
  • Swift/ Openstack
  • Rackspace cloud

These are enough to get started with this new feature. I personally think they should expand this to other providers such as HP & VMware in the near future.

As you can see in the picture above you could easily set this feature up to push backups to the cloud for extra protection.


Nerd’s Blurt

The product was very simple to use. It was actually more confusing trying to find the correct information from google for my cloud storage account. I enjoyed how I was able to back-up and recover a system with hardly any effort. I wanted to showcase here just how fast and easy it was to install the PHD Backup and Recovery 6.2 with Cloud Hook. Please check out PHD Virtual website for more information and to contact the staff to answer any of your questions.


*fixed couple spelling and grammar errors

  • virtxpert

    Does their product allow me to boot the virtual machines on those providers once the backup is complete? (e.g. convert from VMDK to the OpenStack or other providers format?)

  • It depends on the provider and how they are utilizing PHD Virtual. The major providers like Amazon, Google, and Rackspace will not have boot capabilities for Cloud DR. However, smaller providers that leverage PHD Virtual in their environments can allow for this.
    The functionality for Cloud DR will be greatly enhanced in near future releases. For now, we are providing a simple off-site backup and recovery option with cloud storage.