Providence VMUG PowerCLI Presentation @PVDVMUG #MyVMUG

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

Here is the slide deck from my talk on PowerCLI at the Providence VMUG.  Thanks to Artur and Sebastian for letting me use your script as a reference.

Key takeaways

  • If your KPI for automation projects is saving time, qualify that with “It will save time eventually.”  Tasks that take 4-5 hours to do manually/semi-automated could take 6-8 months to fully automate.
  • That time trade off is absolutely a smart investment for any company.
  • Automation enables IT to become a service provider and is required for standardization and security.  If you do not automate, you are not secure.
  • Helps you get a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Free tool, over 370 cmdlets for ESXi/vSphere, View or vCloud Director.  Tons of community resources.
  • Simple tasks done manually are error prone, creating a VM takes 33 mouse clicks versus 1 line in PowerCLI (its not a great line but its 1 line)
  • Get-Help Get-* | Format-List
  • -whatif after a cmdlet ensures you aren’t about to blow something up
  • Prompt users for input for singular items (cluster name, etc)
  • Make use of ForEach loops and pass variables from a CSV (every time I demoed Read-Host I realized this wasn’t the best option)
  • Indent after { and “de-indent” after }


Providence VMUG PowerCLI Presentation @PVDVMUG #MyVMUG