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This week I got the pleasure to attend an event held at F1 Boston. Now those not familiar F1 Boston is a place where you can race go-karts. VMware has a tractor trailer and decked out that you can take a tour of it. I had seen the truck while attending EMC World but it was always packed. VMware Express was parked outside and waiting for me. I go inside and find out my slated tour time (1130am). To my delightful surprise VMware was allowing us to race there as well! We only had to wait until after the kids were done racing. F1 Boston has clinics for kids of all ages to learn Go-kart racing. I’m no sarnger to F1 and was more excited that I can see some great Technology and race, Who could ask for anything more.

Tour Time

Just before 1130  tour slot they gathered us up; gave a brief overview and had us introduce ourselves. It was a hot day and we were glad the truck had air conditioning! 1st up was the VMware gentleman; he described that we were going to see some demo’s on VMware View. The 1st thing he showed us was PCoIP (PC over IP)

VMware View 4 with PCoIP delivers an optimized desktop experience complete with all applications, data and settings, to thin clients and laptops, in the office or on the road.

This looked pretty nice.

The biggest thing the people liked inside was the Follow-Me Desktop. This allows for your session to be running and you leave 1 room and go into another room login and your session is there. This is a huge benefit for the healthcare industry among others. We saw some devices along one of the walls displayed the Thin clients and Thinapp capabilites. Wyse was just one of the vendors products displayed.

Finlly an EMC vSpecialist discussed the mulitple monitors then described the vBlock that was running the truck.


I sat with some great people from a local school who was just starting to research virtulization. while we were eating one thing we all agreed on was that the tour was nice but it was kind of rushed.  They wish there was some more time or maybe a smaller group. I agree with them that the only real draw back was how much time you spend inside the truck. I personally love to tinker and play thats when I get questions and am more apt to ask.

Race time

While waiting to race I had a nice chat with some people about virtualization. They didn’t know much just that they were looking into it. I mentioned what I could as far as recommendations and was promoting the VMUG (VMware User Group) to them as I find that a great resource. Now I never started the race bad was in 7th spot and my kart had a flat tire, even before leaving the gate! This proved to be great though; I switched cars to #22 there was a gentleman in car #8 right in front of me. Once we got the green fla the race was on!!! I was slowly waiting my chance to pass the #8 car without doing it dirty(bumping, hitting) finally as we turned a corner we bottlenecked with the rest of the pack. Bam! I floor my pedal and pass everyone on the outside!! Now the driver of # 8 snuck behind me and the real race was on. He would pass me, I then would counter and pass him.. it was exciting! Now at the end of the race Myself and the #8 car should have been 1&2 however there’s slight glitch in F1 Bostons finishing system. What happens is once they end the race whichever car crosses the line 1st (whether lapped or not which both #8 and myself did to everyone) records them as being 1st and so forth. I ended up 3rd #8 4th. But after we didn’t care we were pumped as the race we had with each other was awesome. I went over and shook his hand and said thanks for such a fun time; he said he was going to race his buddy but was having to much fun racing me forgot about him. So it was a great experience for all of us. I got to not only talk about stuff I love but got to have a kick ass race all courtesy the VMware Express and it’s sponsors!

Thanks to all the above!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice post. I’m going to try to make it to one of these events. Sounds like fun, mixed in with learning coupled with meeting great people. Win win.

  • @niketown 588

    Nice post. I’m going to try to make it to one of these events. Sounds like fun, mixed in with learning coupled with meeting great people. Win win.

  • Vitualization, racing, and networking. Great time done NerdBlurt style.

  • Vitualization, racing, and networking. Great time done NerdBlurt style.

  • Points will be awarded on a 43-to-1 basis for race results. Also, two wild cards to the Chase for the Cup will be given to drivers with the most wins. …