Ready, Set, GA – Infinio Accelerator Available

Let’s get ready to Cache! This is a hot topic now a days. Caching is a great way to increase system performance and overall user experience.

I have come to know the Infinio Team really well. Seeing them at various events and my peers talking about them. I am currently trying their Accelerator and will post my experience later.

Today I wanted to share with you all that Infinio Accelerator is now Generally Available (GA)

They are holding a briefing at 3pm EST today November 5th 2013 Click Here to Register

Infinio accelerator

Watching the video below will explain how Infinio Accelerator works.


Also you can read what Bob Plankers wrote over at The Virtualization Practice

Notable Benefits

  • No new hardware, no reboots – Infinio Accelerator is a 100% software-only solution requiring no new hardware and no service interruptions to install.
  • Accelerates all workload types – every VM and application associated with an accelerated datastore, including VDI, receives a performance boost from Infinio.
  • Affordable for all sizes of organizations – at just $499 per host socket, Infinio offers a budget-friendly solution to storage performance improvement as virtual environments grow.
  • Easy to try, easy to buy – Infinio Accelerator can be downloaded, installed and tried in 30 minutes with no service interruption, and can be licensed via credit card, check, or wire transfer when the free 30-day trial is complete.

System Requirements

For a full list of system requirements click here

Quick reference specs per Accelerated ESXI host

  • 12GB local storage
  • 1 vCPU reservred
  • 8GB ram reserved

Now there is a management VM and it requires

  • 30GB of store on any datastore
  • 2vCPUs
  • 4GB memory

How to get it

It is Infinio’s intent to make the software downloadable for everyone in the future but that for now the downloads will be controlled by a short one-on-one briefing to ensure a controlled roll-out for the first customers.

Nerd’s Blurt

I really think some company will scoop Infinio up, who that will be I am not sure. The thing I like most is the Infinio team not only has a killer product that is easy to use but a great supporting team. If you are looking at Caching products they should definitely be one to consider.

Jonathan Frappier also wrote some articles earlier Read it here and also Read it here

I will be writing up my experience using the product as well. Also note Infinio is a sponsor of this site and we love to share sponsor related news.