Same person new ventures- Personal update from me 3

I have been quiet as of late and that isn’t my norm. It has been quite the personal journey for me since last September, many know that I use to work at a technical school in their IT department. This ended in September and my new journey began. I had to stop and really focus on what I wanted to do with myself and how best to be a great role model for my kiddos. Many conversations with my buds Matt Brender , Sean Thulin , Edward Haletky  and Chris Emery about this transformation helped guide me.

I was chasing something I’m not naturally suited for but love, a Technology job, let me explain while I am very technically inclined and can figure anything out and love to learn and share, I’ve always known it’s not my strongest quality. I am a great facilitator of people and connecting networks and promoting ideas and inspiring people to achieve their goals. I am a proud Social Techie! I coined this term as I love technology but the nuts and bolts of it I am more social.

Tired of trying to conform to someone else’s standards and making myself something I’m not I founded Blurt Media Group. This is my consultation firm which like me isn’t held to just one thing, while our main focus is going to be in the Social space and helping companies understand this wonderful aspect, it’s not the only space we are in. I love designing and creating and talking technology so I will be consulting in this space as well. My blogs here are not going to change but only get better and more focused, I will expand some more in the social media aspects in some how-to and not-to’s posts. My love for the community and my main space of interest with virtulaization and technology is only going to deepen, now that I have the time to write the way I feel is beneficial to me. I think if the information I am writing isn’t helping myself then how can it help someone else?

Some people have been brought in to my venture through alliances and they have guided me greatly.Thanks MaishPhillip and Johnathon! Showing support for my journey and believing in me, this goes a long way with me. Those that know me for not just winning stuff at conferences, know how truly passionate I am at helping people in what ever ways I can. I try to send those positive energies via #NerdBlurtMojo.

My ideas like this post is not structured and free flowing, I wanted to share something personal with you all as this blog opened my eyes to so much and I have such a vision for it and myself.

Now a few more “structured” details on my new endeavor

Blurt Media Group

Blurt Media Group, Social Media

Small consulting company focused on helping business or consumers understand Social Media and it’s benefits and pitfalls.

The name was coined by Phillip Sellers at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, after I told Phil of my idea to start a couple other non-tech related blogs ( which are almost live ;)), I thought of a few basic services to get started with.

  • Technology consultation- Let’s face it I love technology and helping people way to much to give this up ever
  • Social media services- From monitoring and providing training services, I can handle it all or help you find the right person.
  • Community engagement, I have an elite talent of knowing a lot of people in various backgrounds and being able to help them connect to achieve their goals.

These are only a few services we offer, the website is up and more information will be added in the coming weeks. I just couldn’t sleep and decided to share with you all of my happenings.

Nerd’s Blurt

This is a great venture for me as it allows me to keep all the connections in place, I am not limited in who I talk to because I work for X company. I also have the flexibility to learn in the areas that I want that will benefit my clients and keep me inspired to do great things and help others achieve their goals.

The support from my family is the biggest motivator and brings a lot of joy, I always preach to my kiddos that you have to do what you love. This isn’t work for me as I love doing it, having their full support makes it more enjoyable, Maura, Roberto,Luigi Jr., Kaila, & Dynae, I love you all and have the best family. xoxoxo

Thanks for reading and have great day or night!


  • Jonathan

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • Christine Daciermachado

    Luigi I new you would do great things even back in the IB days. 🙂 you and your family are great and wish nothing but the best for you and yours. GO Get EM!

  • Christine Daciermachado

    Luigi I new you would do great things even back in the IB days. 🙂 you and your family are great and wish nothing but the best for you and yours. GO Get EM!