Sample Vagrantfile for vagrant-vsphere

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

While there is a sample Vagrantfile for vagrant-vsphere at, I thought I’d share an example of one working for us (this is no thanks to me, but a co-worker who smashed through concrete walls of bad documentation to get it working).

Note that vsphere.clone_from_vm = yes is required if you do not have Enterprise Plus because cloning from a template currently requires a resource pool, the DRS if the host is in a cluster.  If you use templates, clone or convert it to a regular VM first.  Also note single quotes are required where noted, if there are no single quotes in a specific line then you do not need them.

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = 'dummy'
  config.vm.box_url = './example_box/'

  config.vm.provider :vsphere do |vsphere| = 'vcenter.domain.tld' = 'name-of-your-vm'
    vsphere.clone_from_vm = true
    vsphere.template_name = 'Foldername/name-of-vm-youre-cloning'
    vsphere.user = 'domainuser'
    vsphere.password = 'YOUR VMWARE PASSWORD'
    vsphere.insecure = true

Sample Vagrantfile for vagrant-vsphere