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It’s that time again where the leaves are starting to turn from green to yellow, brown and orange. It is a great time of year in New England.  The NEVMUG is hosting it’s annual Fall event in Marlboro,MA this year.  Be sure to click the ad to the right to find out more.

The VTUG Fall Forward event is taking place at the Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlborough, MA on October 24, 2012.   There will be a number of breakout sessions, including technical experts from VMware.  There will be a wide range of topics including some of the most important information discussed at VMworld, a focus on the virtual data center, integration and optimization with storage systems and data protection solutions.

VTUG is also going to provide some new sessions that focus on professional growth with a program on giving presentations to a live audience, whether it is your management in a conference room or hundreds of people in a large auditorium.  This will be the first of the VTUG Professional Growth series.

We are also introducing a new interactive contest at Fall Forward called the VTUG Best Def Contest.  More information on this is forthcoming.

In the spirit of Halloween, we intend to fill the event hall with a ton of good treats!  We hope you have a sweet tooth.

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Nerd’s Blurt

I personally enjoy going to these events as it was these events that have help shape this blog, and a lot of my professional direction. Nothing beats being able to talk with your peers about problems and solutions or the next big thing. The connections made are truly invaluable. Be sure to check out the site and register for the event