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Now that you are not able to order SSL certificates with internal Subject Alternative Names (SANs) I had a bit of hoop jumping to go through today during an Exchange 2013 install.  It was likely just as much a lack of prep-time but figured if it happend to me, it might happen to you.  Hopefully this helps someone along the way.

I had an Exchagne 2013 server installed with different URLs for internal and external access, this caused problems as soon as I tried to connect exchange (which I half expected) so it was an easy fix, go through the ECP and change the internal URLs to be internal URLs.  Sweet – most of my errors for SSL certs went away.

Next, in order to resolve the external FQ sub-domain name I created a zone called with a single a record (no name) pointing to the internal IP address. There was still one however in Outlook:

There is a problem with the proxy servers security certificate.
…more errorie stuff…
Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server.  (Error code 10)

To fix this, after several other failed attempts at various DNS trickery, I created an SRV record in my AD zone (ad.local for example)

domain:  ad.local
Service: _autodiscover < < manually typed
Protocol:  _tcp < < manually typed
Port:  443
Host offering this service: <

Now I was able to log in to Outlook with no errors, and connected with ActiveSync.

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  • elitegangsta

    “change the internal URLs to be internal URLs.” do you mean “to be external”?