Simple solution for Back-up & Restoring your system

Hello today I am going to discuss a simple strategy to back-up your system in the event of a hard drive failure or a virus & etc, in-which you must restore your system.

Should I create a complete restore image?

Answer: YES! I find that the most tedious part in the whole restore cycle is reconfiguring your system, honestly I get a headache just thinking of all the install time WASTED on re-installing software. Preparation is critical to a speedy recovery.

  • So the very 1st thing is make a list of the essential programs and files that are absolutely essential if you had to recover fast.
  • Then you must decide exactly how you want to create the restore image. Most Manufactures (Dell, HP, Microsoft, etc..) have included some kind of recovery disk creator with your system. However you can use a 3rd party client such as Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image, you can find numerous others online, remember some programs cost $$ it is your business/life a small fee is more than worth it. Remember downtime is $$.
  • Another important time saver, make sure you have UPDATED your system BEFORE using any of the above software and creating the restore image. This will save you a lot of time! I have had days of updates on peoples systems that never created disks.
    • Most will opt to make discs, other will choose for it to go to an external hard drive or a network attached storage device (NAS), the thing to remember on older computers is if you can boot from those external devices if you are not sure and have a burner just make the discs & put them in a safe place.

I don’t have enough time to discuss the procedure for each software or options but hopefully the above has made you realize something you hadn’t before, that it is perfectly fine to separate the recovery image and your files and I personally recommend doing that if you can as you will continue to use and gain more information after doing all this.

Once you have your restore disk (s) safe, you are ready for the next step backing up your Files (Business contacts, emails, pictures, contracts, music, etc.) Now if you are backing up business files you may be required by Government regulations on what you must keep and for how long, Please check with your local government agency.

There are many ways to back up your files  usb flash drives, external hard drives, networked attached storage (NAS),  remote backup services to name a few.

Now I personally use MozyHome ( to back-up my files.

  • Benefit of using remote back-up the files are not on site and in event of a fire, flood, earthquake, lighting striking, etc nothing will happen to my files as they are miles away secured in a Data Center.
  • Now if you choose external hard drive you need back-up software (Paragon Backup & Recovery, Acronis True Image, etc
  • Once you have selected the backup software you need to configure the best schedule and what files you want backed up. Remember you don’t need to save everything just the most important stuff.

So let’s recap you have your recovery disk(s), System set to backup files, things are looking pretty sweet for you and you will definitely appreciate the few extra minutes and preparing for a disaster then starting from scratch and losing everything.

Now this was my 1st real Blog post so take it easy on me but let me know what you all think or how I can modify it to be better.