Social Concept to the next level – #NerdHerd #Colo

Tonight I am prepping my house to hold the first of it’s kind event. The #NerdHerd #Colo. Now for those that do not know what the #NerdHerd is here goes.


This was formed when Dave Graham, Sean Thulin started meeting before work at least once week, I started joining them as I wasn’t working, and Matthew Brender shortly there after. Dave termed the group as #NerdHerd stealing it from the TV series Chuck. I have never watched Chuck so I just went with it. We broadcasted on our social channels and people like John McArthur and Jonathan Frappier started to join us on a regular basis. Seeing how we met at a dunlin Doughnuts just outside of 5 EMC buildings it was a hot spot for Tech people we knew on the Twitters to join as well. Over time it ended up into evening events as schedules and job changes mandated. Now we meet every 3rd Weds of the month at 830- 930 am for monthly morning #NerdHerd.


Colo is short for Colocation, this is mainly used when housing your computer equipment in a data center. Matthew and Sean typically work from home at least one day a week. As well Jonathan Frappier also works from home time to time. We also know other Techies that work from home all the time.

So about a month ago Jonathan was working from home and messaged me if I wanted to work from his house that day it would be awesome. Seeing how I am building my company up and am home all the time I jumped on the opportunity. This is where the concept started to breathe life. Now some Colo chances are pre-planned such as the event tomorrow, others are spur of the moment.

Our thought process is that each person shall host a #colo day at their place.

What do you do while attending?

That is such a great question, you do what you would on a normal day working from home, except this time you are around people you want to be with and get inspiration from. I will be working on my stuff as will the others.  We may bounce ideas off each other, brainstorm a new concept on something. But best of all get pumped to interact with some awesome people. I know I get inspired from talking with people and to have people working with me is awesome!

What’s next?

World Domination- Who really knows what’s next, what idea or concept we can create as a group. Knowing that my friends are doing great and I can help inspire and support their growth is the best feeling.

How can I partake?

While you may not be able to join us physically, we do plan on hosting and keeping open a live Google+ Hangout. I will post a small post with details and link tomorrow morning.

Nerd’s Blurt

I love this idea and so glad the group is embracing it. I get so much from just listening to these guys and now I get to work beside them for a day. I think more people should do something like this, it is a combination of professional networking and not being alone in your home office.