Spousetivities is back at VMworld US 2014

I am so pumped to hear that Crystal Lowe and Spousetivities will be back at VMworld 2014! For those of you that don’t know what that is, many of us travel, some only get to travel for VMworld as vacation. Our significant others sometimes feel left out. That’s where Spousetivities comes into play. During the conference we are busy getting our nerd on and someone may have traveled with you. The group organizes activities to keep them busy. Hearing from people who have partook in activities with the group before, it’s a blast! The team does a great job for the participants.

So I was really pumped when I read this Article saying they were going to be back. I wish they were at more events!


Nerd’s Blurt

I absolutely love the group and more importantly what the group is about. Now while the name is suggestive to spouses, know that the group is open to anyone traveling with you. The team is super friendly, and they love to have a great time. Being an extension of the virtualization community I am not surprised.

So if you have someone coming with you head over to the Spousetivities site and sign up for some activities