Support the community and – upload your data!

I have been meaning to get the vMA and PowerCLI running in my lab for a few weeks, and vOpenData was the last push I needed.  For those that are not familiar (how can you not be with @lamw and @wazoo behind it), the project is a community driven database about virtual infrastructure configurations.  As mentioned, you will need to download either the vMA or PowerCLI.  I opted the PowerCLI route, downloaded the scripts from the GitHub page at  The script processed very quickly and produced a zip file of the data it collected, feel free to poke open the zip file and have a look, especially if you want to be sure you aren’t giving away any sensitive data (just don’t edit the files).

There is a public dashboard available that shows how many infrastructures are included, average VMDK size, top operating systems etc…  The data collected is completed anonymous – nothing specific about your environment that could cause a compromise is collected (don’t believe me, some of mine is below) and collecting this type of data only supports everyone in the VMware community by making this data available.


Once the script is run, you can log into, click on Infrastructures and click the New Infrastructure button, answer a few questions and then upload your zip file.



Here is an example of the data collected about the infrastructure.

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“sSearch”: “Search: “,
“sInfoFiltered”: “(filtered from _MAX_ total records)”
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If you have an environment, lab, production or whatever please have a look and keep tabs on whats happening at vOpenData website