Tech Stand UP Podcast- Episode 3 – Don’t Be Afraid

This week’s guest is Ariel Sanchez, recorded live from the VTUG Winter Warmer. Ariel is a Costa Rican native who has a man crush on Tom Brady. This crush isn’t the type our wives may have on Brady; however, it is more his work ethic and drive that Ariel respects him […]

Tech Stand UP Podcast- Episode 2 – Inspired to Give Back

This week our guest is Jorge Torres a technology junkie with latin roots. While we share a passion for technology we also share a love for the New England Patriots. While attending the VTUG Winter Warmer the Tech Stand UP crew caught up with Jorge to discuss and answer some questions […]

Did your VMworld 2011 Session get rejected?

Like many today I recieved the dredded your Session(s) were not selected email. AHHH!! Whocares! at least that’s how I’m taking it.  There are plenty of Rockstars out there who didn’t get accepted, instead of giving up I challange you to still share that information with the community. Plenty of […]