Researching 10Gbps switches

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert Recently I’ve had to research 10Gbps switches, not being an everyday network person I’d typically just ask Cisco and be done with it, after all as the saying goes no one ever gets fired for buying Cisco but wanted to look into what other vendors have for […]

Install ESXi on a UCS boot from SAN LUN

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert This post will walk through mounting an ESXi ISO via the UCS KVM and installing ESXi.  It assumes that UCS Manager is configured properly with the necessary profiles, policies and pools, that all VLANs and uplinks have been properly configured and that storage switches and arrays have […]

Six Questions on the Cisco Champion for DataCenter program 1

Continuing on with our Six Question Series, today we are going to look at the networking world and Cisco’s community  program the Cisco Champions. We sent our questions over to Amy Lewis Influence Marketing for Data Center Virtualization at Cisco Systems Here are my six questions, very simple and straight forward, […]

Yearly Obligatory Vendor X did something Vendor Y won’t like post (read Cisco Whiptail Acquisition) 1

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert I feel like this conversation will never die, maybe thats just because most of the social media channels I follow includes lots of people from VMware, Cisco, EMC as well as other storage vendors.  Last week, Cisco acquired WhipTail – one of many all flash storage vendors, […]

Shared – Virtualization Infographic

I love sharing content I come across, even more when it’s from a company I love. It is no surprise that I am a fan of TrainSignal now part of Pluralsight. Now you have two great companies under one roof providing great training for everyone. I actually found this quite […]