New Product Release – PHD Virtual 1

Today PHD Virtual announced the release of  PHD Virtual Backup v6.5 and  ReliableDR v3.2. I had the luxury of playing with both releases prior to their launch this past week. I have to say that PHD Virtual is delivering a solid product. In addition to checking out the products, I was also checking out how […]

Review & Give-Away – TrainSignal Online Training 3

TrainSignal is a technology training company offering training from Microsoft to VMware. I have known about this company since I got into Virtualization back in 2010, they are very supportive of the community sponsoring many User Group initiatives. Back in 2011 I received a copy of some training from them […]

PHD Virtual – ReliableDR for VMware

A few weeks back PHD Virtual acquired VirtualSharp, mainly for their ReliableDR product. The other day I attended a webinar on the product which is quite impressive,  I can see why PHD Virtual made the choice to acquire them. Disaster Recovery testing is expensive. Gartner cites it aprx. $30-$40K with some […]

What would you wake up for? #convcloud 2

Waking up in the wee hours of the morning isn’t something that most would want to anticipate. However if you are a nerd and fixing to leave for a tech event then you are usually to excited to sleep, anticipating all the learning you are about to undertake during the […]