Running from the fire-hose- first couple months at HP 1

        My first couple of months at HP have been exciting, fueled with more knowledge then one can ever consume. It is like drinking water from a Battalion of NYPD  Fire Stations hoses. I am very excited to be learning about the full capabilities of HP Data […]

VTUG Fall Forward

This Friday October 18th 2013, I will be attending the VTUG Fall forward at Gillette Stadium. This is the first time other then the normal Winter Warmer that the event is being held at this location. Every January they hold the event there, I am excited as not only a […]

Are you in the Indianapolis area? Love virtualization? There’s a group for that

As most of you know I am very active with the VTUG (yes I chuckle too every time I read or hear it too), not sure if you are aware but the VTUG has expanded and is contuning to expand in other areas. They had their first expansion outside of New […]

How A Technology User Group Evolution Shaped My Journey

I am going to focus primarily  on only one user group in the technology industry as their are numerous groups out there. The Virtualization Technology User Group (VTUG) is a hyper visor agnostic user group. However it wasn’t always this way, a couple years ago it was primarily focused on VMware […]