TrainSignal: Not just a company but a member 1

Finding descent computer training can be tough. I just recently went through some certification training for Microsoft certifications and used Computer Based Training mostly. This was held at New Horizons Computer Center. I was in the “Mentored Learning” program. Now what that means is 98% of your work shall be done on the computer and someone is there to answer your questions. I wish they had used TrainSignal .

Who is TrainSignal?

From the TrainSignal website

an award-winning provider of Computer Based Training courses for IT professionals, in subjects like Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and CompTIA. Also, we were named to Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies in America in 2008 and 2009.

So in simple words they provide technology training materials on many of the Top companies and have a talented staff.

 Not just a company but a member

One of the biggest things that I like about Trainsignal is how they love to get involved with the community! I tweeted awhile back that I would love for Trainsignal to sponsor or be at our NEVMUG (New England VMwareUser Group) as there is a need for training! The response I got was “Trainsignal loves VMUGS!!”. Now this isn’t a garuntee they would be there but I do know they will try. They have sponsored many VMUGS  around the country to date. 

 If you know TrainSignal you know it is a stand up community member, dedicated to not only making great training but helping community members.

Nerd’s Blurt

I personally wear and advertise Trainsignal, I may have recieved free products but as many know I don’t just promote your product on a weekly basis with wearing T-shirts. I truly believe in Trainsignal’s products.The staff is excellent and I’ve had the great pleasure to meet David M Davis and Kasia Lorenic at VMworld 2010. While attending I obtained a vNerd T-shirt which is one of my FAVORITES!! I will not use any other company for training and think yall should do the same.


I was given an Exchange 2010 course to evaluate months ago from them. I still have to write up about that but it was well worth my time watching the training material. I also recieved a copy of the Cisco CCNA and Linux+ training because I am currently studying that in school. None of that has prompted this post.

  • David Hurst

    Part of being a community is supporting each other. I met Eric Siebert at VMworld and follow he and David Davis on Twitter. They are great guys and definitely dedicated to promoting technology and being valuable members of this tech community.
    Thanks for sharing with us their involvement with VMUGs. Based on this I ordered the first of many training products from them.