Travel Tips from a Road Warrior – Hailo over Uber

While I was traveling to Barcelona for work I ran into a slight problem, finding a Taxi that accepted American Express was like playing Russian Roulette. As a frequent traveler that can become frustrating. My peers have persuaded me to try Uber, however in Barcelona the service is actually illegal. I’m not sure about you but the last thing I want to deal with while traveling is local police from a foreign country.

Then someone mentioned using an App called Hailo. It is similar to Uber where you request a car via the app, by using local taxi cars.

Hailo App

image courtesy of Google Play Store

Hailo app allows you to hail a local taxi (they have other cars now too), similar to Uber in that it uses GPS location and app to communicate with you and the driver. You can enter your credit card information and even add the tip automatically. No signing or worrying about a receipt as they email you one (this is great for me as I always lose one or two receipts)

Screenshots (courtesy of Google Play Store)

Hailo App Hailo App Hailo App


Nerd’s Blurt

This app was a saver for me while traveling abroad. One other thing that makes me like the app more is that Richard Branson is an investor. I like Sir Branson, and if I could ever just sit and talk with him that would be awesome. But the Hailo App allowed me to travel without any worries in a country I never been before. While coverage in some areas need exspansion for major cities where business people travel all the time the coverage will be there.

So if you are traveling to Barcelona or other city in another country I would check out the Hailo app and save your voice from asking cabs if they accept credit cards or not.