Traveling lite my experiment using remote technology

So as many know that I’m currently traveling to Las Vegas for EMC World 2011. I’m a blogger and with trying to provide readers with different information and happenings I have to try different things. This trip I only packed my iPad to use as sole computer access. Now I like this idea but as many know the iPad isn’t a full functioning PC and has limits.

Breaking the limits
So the 1st challenge is to over come that barrier by not having a full computer system to use. Now this is where testing things is great and technology is better. Sitting in my home rack powered on is 1 of my desktop computers. On this PC I installed TeamViewer application. Team viewer allows me to connect and use my PC remotely. Fortunately for me they have an iPad application that communicates with computers the TeamViewer application on it. So if there is anything I need more computing power or to save something I can do so easily by firing up the TeamViewer application and connect almost instantly to my computer across the country. Now please note you must be connected to the Internet for this to work.

Forward thinking
There are many applications that can do this same functionality and I do plan on testing some of those to see which I like the best. I find this capability very useful as I do like to attend conferences and other functions, however I don’t always like toting around a bunch of electronics. By being able to utilize my remote computer from the iPad it helps keep me more portable. The other thing is that I can now randomly send printed messages for the family back home (which would make me be swaying fun for the kids).
If testing proves great I may start utilizing this method from here on out and who knows others may like to do so too.

Nerd’s Blurt
With technology growing at a rapid rate end users a looking more and more for the ease of use. Remote technology is improving and add that functionality to other devices like the iPad or android tablets you have an even more powerful device.