TrueTwit not for me 4

Many people worry about spam and fake followers on Twitter. Some people to combat this will use a site called TrueTwit to validate their new followers.

Stop wasting time with SPAMMERS on twitter.
We will validate your followers so you don’t have to.

Now this sounds like a great sevice; but on a deeper look it’s just a waist of time.  New real users have to click a link to say hey I’m real to follow you. Oh wait the service doesn’t block people from still following you anyways.

Help!! If someone doesn’t complete the validation request, they won’t be able to follow me!!

Nope. Not at all. TrueTwit doesn’t prevent you from following anyone, nor do we stop anyone from following you. If someone doesn’t complete the validation request, they can still follow you.

In fact, if you follow someone first, and they follow you back, they’re not even sent a validation request.

Then further down there FAQ page

I know after a new follower follows me, they will receive a validation request, but what happens if they don’t respond? Will they be blocked until they are validated or can they still follow me?

If someone doesn’t respond to the validation request, they will show up on the Manage Followers page as not having verified, but they will not be blocked.

Twitter allows anyone to follow anyone else, and there isn’t much TrueTwit can do about it. However what we can do is help you decide whether or not to follow or block someone.

Now they state that no matter what people will still be able to follow you and see your tweets.

Whats the real value?

So this service is suppose to validate users and help block spam but still allows for them to follow anyways.

I don’t see the value in this, it’s just another site to have to visit and credentials to remember. It would be easier to just use a client like Tweetdeck and create a new user column and block the actual spam bots that end up following you.


I don’t listen to the Direct Messages asking me to validate that I am real. If I follow someone it’s because we have some kind of like interest. I was surprised after following a couple people and got the TrueTwit message. What surprised me was not receiving the message but the fact I could still follow the user’s tweet stream. Ending with me doing some research. I personally will never use TrueTwit basic or premium ($20 yr) as it in my opinion gives no added value.

If this service actually blocked users from seeing the stream until approved it would be brought up on my list of sites/services to possibly use.

How do you feel about services like this?

  • Anonymous


    Interesting post that sheds light on “some” of the useless twitter services. It amazes me that the FAQ pretty much states that the service will do nothing for you but people continue to sign up. Like my High School English Teacher used to say “you gotta read the whole thing before you do something.”

    Are you going to do more blogs like this on the other useless twitter services? I hope so, these services need to be exposed.


  • Nice. I think that only you, the Twitter account owner, can really manage this. When I get what I see as Spam I just report it and block the user. I don’t get a lot of this stuff yet so manually managing this works for me. I think a lot of people have gotten lazy or want the easy way to fix something so they will pay someone to supposedly do it for them. As you have exposed, that does not seem to be the case with this one.

    Thanks for blogging about it!

  • Niketown588- I will blog about anything that I find. It just found me as odd.

    Rolltidega- People have come to the “lazy” state where they just expect things or take the easy way. I actually have another blog in the works on this exact topic and work ethic.

    Thanks for the feed back gentleman!

  • I get my inbox spammed with TrueTwit about how I need to use TrueTwit to stop the spam. Go figure.