Unable to install VMware Big Data Extension Plug-in 1.1 after removing BDE 2.0

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

tl;dr Version:  Don’t trust version numbers on folder names.  I somehow had 2.0 plugin files in my 1.1 folder, so no matter how many times I installed/re-installed 1.1 it continued to use the 2.0 files.  Delete ALL vsphere.bigdataextension folders from c:ProgramDataVmwarevSphere Web Clientvc-packagesvsphere-client-serenity

I seem to have come across an odd bug in relation to the VMware Big Data Extensions appliance.  I had installed VMware BDE 2.0 and 1.1  in my lab, however I needed to use just 1.1.  As BDE comes as an appliance and web client plugin this should have been fairly straight forward.  Since I had already installed BDE 2.0 I removed the plugin using the Unisntall option on the install-plugin page and also removed the corresponding files from

c:ProgramDataVmwarevSphere Web Clientvc-packagesvsphere-client-serenity (Serenity now, serenity now!)

per the BDE directions:  http://pubs.vmware.com/bde-1-1/index.jsp#com.vmware.bigdataextensions.admin.doc/GUID-D53A05EE-0524-4EAA-A5BF-F52810148E53.html

I did NOT remove the 1.1.0568 folder, because well that was the version I wanted.  Next I uninstalled the 2.0 plugin using https://bde20.fqdn/install-plugin and then installed the 1.1 plugin using https://bde11.fqdn/install-plugin and provide it with the vCenter server information



As you can see here the installation was successful from my BDE 1.1 appliance.  However, when I logged into vCenter I still have the BDE 2.0 plugin


To test further, I installed a VCSA, moved an ESXi host to the new vCenter and deployed BDE 1.1 there.  Then I installed the client plugin from the new BDE 1.1 server to both vCenters.  As you can see here I am still getting the 2.0 plugin from somewhere (that somewhere is coming) even though I deleted the 2.0 files from the Windows server.


I combed the /mob directory, local file system and registry thanks to a few folks on Twitter and removed some other file references but would continually receive the same BDE 2.0 client plugin.   As a last ditch effort I removed all BDE folder instances, including the 1.1 folder



Now when I deploy the 1.1 plugin I get the correct version.  The plug-in installer appears to push the 2.0 files into the 1.1 folder even though they were/are labeled separately!


Unable to install VMware Big Data Extension Plug-in 1.1 after removing BDE 2.0