VCAP-DCD Failed Follow-Up 1

Well its been a few days now since I failed the VCAP-DCD by just a couple questions (a real kick in the pants), I went it a bit hesitant not sure if I would pass, after about an hour I was fairly certain I was bombing but got close enough to passing that I was pleasantly surprised.

My previous study plan wasn’t complete but I think its spot on.  I need to finish the VMware Press Storage and Managing and Optimizing vSphere books as well as re-read some of the VMware best practice PDFs.  I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said on the Visio style questions, I think I did mostly okay on them, though I skipped one entirely that made my head hurt as I had about 20 questions and an hour remaining so I gambled that I had a better shot on the 20 questions rather than the design…maybe that was a bad gamble.  My one tip here, keep track of the design questions you get.  Had I paid closer attention I would have know the design question I skipped was my last, I would have at least taken a stab at it, even if only quickly to try and salvage a couple points.

The #vBrownBag recordings from the APAC folks were certainly helpful, as was the Mastering vSphere book.  I was a little shocked at the first few OS specific questions I got but after a few more I think the OS mentions in the text were mostly to make you (over) think.

Hopefully my next VCAP-DCD post will be that I passed!


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  • Arshad Rafat

    No worries, same happened with me. I might appear again in 2 months or so