vCenter Appliance 5.5 – Would you consider it for production #vmworld

With the announcement of vSphere 5.5 at VMworld 2013 yesterday came a long list of improvements, one of which was updates to the vCenter appliance, upgrading the number of hosts from only 5 to 500 (and now up to 5000 VMs, up from only 50)!  The vCenter appliance was nice for lab work, but I had a hard time considering it, even for very small deployments of only 2 or 3 hosts since VMware makes it so easy, I could see a lot of deployments going beyond the 5 host limit.  Add to this removing the Windows Server and SQL tax and this is huge.

I had pushed off a 4.1 upgrade, knowing 5.5 was coming and at first I overlooked these improvements to the vCenter appliance, but now I am thinking long and hard about deploying this for production.

Considerations I haven’t thought through include backups of the database (or I guess just the entire VM) and sizing considerations for the appliance to manage a large number of VMs.  What are others saying?

Duncan Epping:

If you ask me, this means that the vCenter Server Appliance with the embedded database can be used in almost every scenario! That makes life easier indeed.

There hasn’t been much other chatter I am finding, what are you thoughts?  Legit for production deployments now?