VMware Cloud Cred – A bust at gamification 5

Last week VMware announced it’s launch of Cloud Cred. This is VMware’s dive into the widely popular gamification. I enjoy gamification and it’s potential as an end user and for business purposes.  I might seem harsh here but I enjoy the virtualization community and don’t want to see it mucked up.

So I am breaking it down into Pros & Cons along with the video below which goes over few of the pain points thus far.


  • Community engagement- Gets the community involved and active doing tasks
  • Team building- Enables people to form into teams to work together to get the highscore
  • Rewards- Who doesn’t like getting stuff.


  • Grammar errors – Way to many to keep track of, most notably spelling VMware wrong is a a big WTH moment. 
  • Loading time of site
  • Social login- via twitter i have to authorize app every time.
  • Message notification not working properly
  • No team management function
  • Invite system doesn’t work properly
  • Load times- i mention this again as it’s major drawback
  • No notifications on who is following you
  • Team rules for joining not cohesive between what is written in rules vs what they actually allow.

I can go on and on, but I think VMware was sold something and needs to go with it for now. With some refinement this could be something people don’t mind using.

Unedited- look at Cloud Cred

Nerd’s Blurt

I think Cloud Cred could gain some traction but if the start is anything like how it will go for the long haul I see Cloud Cred as a bust. The reason I say this is quite simple, the virtualization community is unique but it is still a community. Change when implemented wrong or with flaws gives a sour taste then you have to try and rebuild that trust. Look VMware did it when they played around with vRam tax as people called it (which is no longer). If Cloud Cred doesn’t fix the mistakes there and refine it’s functionality, consider it for the chopping block.

Also listen to the vSoup Podcast where they discuss Cloud Cred – Click Here



  • Eric Nielsen

    I left a comment yesterday, thanking you for the review and agreeing with most of you blog post. We have a new release next week that addressed the performance on the dashboard/leaderboard pages. We have some fixing for moving teams, and have a new release that will push around April 7th that will address the rest of the “con” issues.

    Thanks for the review and feedback. We are working hard and have had a nice even response to what we know is a 1.0 release of a built from scratch innovative social environment. Thanks to those who have been playing and reporting bugs and having fun.


    Maybe this response will make it into your comment section, not sure what happened to my longer one yesterday.

  • Eric,
    Thanks! I think the VMware team has been responding to the issues and will look into the issues on here as well with the comments not showing. I know Disqus updated so that could be an issue. As to the mobile theme popping up, I will investigate that.

    I’m looking forward to the new release and will continue to email bugs we find.

  • Great video Luigi and well said on all the points with the site. I’ve found it enjoyable but agree is still needs some smoothing.

  • Great video Luigi and well said on all the points with the site. I’ve found it enjoyable but agree is still needs some smoothing.

  • Hey Luigi, my two cents… I love CloudCred, it gets me involved on a deeper level. It’s just a way of showing you how much you really do in the community. I see your point about grammar, come on people, you don’t know how to spell VMware properly? I hate seeing it mispelled too, an all too common mistake unfortunately. I’m actually writing my review of CloudCred tonight, good job on yours!