VMware Resources

Hello Readers,

I am going to be gathering a collection of valuable resources from with-in the community and placing it in here. These resources will help you in your journey on various VMware Certification paths.

Please let me know if any of the links become broken so I can update the site accordingly. NerdBlurt Staff is not responsible for the content on these sites. This is just a repository of links to help you.

VCP – VMware Certified Professional

  • The SLOG ¬†VCP Practice Exams– Simon Long has created a great practice exam for VCP 5 & VCP 4.¬†
  • Train Signal Training Courses– I love the staff at Train Signal, they have a lot of fun and create some great content for VMware training. They offer subscription based model to gain access. The Link brings you to their VMware course offerings.
  • #vBrownBags– Led by cody bunch and Troop, this is by far one of the best resources. They have expanded to be multi Regional. You can attend live each week on Weds. nights. There is huge collection of past presentations. Major thing is this is all community driven, presenters are from with-in the community and topics vary week to week.
  • Valco Labs – This is an invaluable resource as Josh Coen and Jason Langer created a series of posts based off the VCP print. Both these gentlemen, are well respected by me. I think you all will enjoy their content.


Here I will put some useful links to community Scripts I find.

  • vNoob.com – Be sure to check out Conrad Ramos collection of useful scripts