VMworld 2010 I’ll be there!

I’m still in shock and grateful that I will be atending VMworld this year in San Francisco. I’ve never been to San Francisco but heard it’s beautiful. The best part and what I’m looking to do is network with more people. I have my virtualization interests and I am bound to learn alot. One of the biggest things I want to gain is a direction for education, find the right stuff to make myself standout as a canidate for job positions. I’ve been extremely fortunate winning both EMC World & now VMworld. Here’s some virtual fun for you all.
Here is a behind the scenes of my reaction to winning.

There is alot I look forward to on this trip. I will document my journey here in my blog and maybe ake another video since I had a blast making the one above.

If you see me at VMworld be sure to say hello!!