VMworld 2012 – Day 0 Reconnection 1

It is that time again where thousands swarm to the Bay area for a technology conference VMworld. This event quickly turns from technical to Social in the blink of an eye. Most attendees are quadruple booked on events they want or just need to be at.


Have you been to a past VMworld or met some other techies on the twitter verse? Chances are you have are getting flooded with messages to reconnect. Certain that the #VMworld hashtag on twitter is filled with tweets trying to arrange tweet-ups and central locations to hang out and catch up with peers.

I know for me this is very true, I was able to spend some time with my friend who I haven’t seen in approximately nine years. Not to mention the flood of tweets and emails to connect with new peers this week. My schedule is jammed packed but yet I’m trying to keep it open flowing.

I am sitting here writing this and brain storming new ideas with my mate Patrick Redknapp and this brings the real benefits to light. Connecting with and brain storming ideas with people.

Nerd’s Blurt

With so many sessions and a lot of people attending, I always recall what Bas told me at my first conference in 2010. ” It’s about the people and connecting with them, I can watch the sessions afterwards.

  • se7en_D

    Have fun dude!